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What to Do When Your Lease Ends

Those who lease vehicles sign up to essentially borrow a car, motorcycle, boat, etc. for a set length of time. Although lessees are required to return the vehicle at the end of the lease, they only fork over a fraction of the true purchase price. This makes monthly payments more affordable, helping lessees stay in current cars more affordably.

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Should you lease or should you buy?

Virtually everybody in the United States, if not the world at large, needs a vehicle to transport themselves to work, school, church, shopping, and everywhere else. However, not everybody has enough money to purchase a vehicle, while others are at an impasse. Should you buy or lease your next new ride? Let's dip into the main differences between leasing and financing the purchase of a vehicle so you can make that decision.

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Discover the benefits of buying used

There are many expenses to consider before choosing a vehicle. Fuel, maintenance, and other costs are important things to think about. Insurance is another expense to consider, especially when considering a new vehicle purchase. Another way buying used will save you is by giving you some of the great features you get in a new car, but at a lower price.

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Reliable, Popular, and High-Power: the 2017 Ford Mustang

We know that drivers all over the world love a fast car with a flashy style, and the 2017 Ford Mustang definitely does not disappoint; in fact, the Mustang is the number one best-selling sports car in the world! Add to this the fact that 92% of all Mustang models sold in the last ten years are still out there driving around, so you can be sure that reliability is never in question. See it in the video below and discover how the Mustang beats the competition at every turn.


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100 Years of Awesome with Ford Trucks

Ford trucks have been around for a long time - 100 years, in fact! - and we here at Sam Leman Automotive Group absolutely love everything that the Ford F-150 has to offer drivers from all over Illinois. However, it's hard to really imagine what 100 years of trucking progress looks like so, to help out, the American automaker themselves have put together a quick video showing the changes of Ford trucks from July 2017 to the 2018 F-150. Check it out and enjoy the show:


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MotorWeek Puts 2017 Ford Explorer Through its Paces

If ever there were a full-size SUV that could render us here at Sam Leman Automotive Group straight-up speechless, Ford's -- the 2017 Explorer -- would have to be it.

Why's that, though?

Discover the need-to-know details from the good folks at MotorWeek; their evaluation of the Explorer is as follows:

It's darn-near impossible to quibble with an entry-level engine like the Explorer's, a 3.5-liter V6.

Matching with a six-speed automatic transmission, the base V6 produces a healthy 290 horsepower and 255 pound-feet of torque. It's served up standard with front-wheel drive, while an all- ...

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