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MotorWeek Puts 2017 Ford Explorer Through its Paces

If ever there were a full-size SUV that could render us here at Sam Leman Automotive Group straight-up speechless, Ford's -- the 2017 Explorer -- would have to be it.

Why's that, though?

Discover the need-to-know details from the good folks at MotorWeek; their evaluation of the Explorer is as follows:

It's darn-near impossible to quibble with an entry-level engine like the Explorer's, a 3.5-liter V6.

Matching with a six-speed automatic transmission, the base V6 produces a healthy 290 horsepower and 255 pound-feet of torque. It's served up standard with front-wheel drive, while an all- ...

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Check Out the All-New 2018 Ford Expedition

This is one redesign that has been a long time coming. The Ford Expedition launched into its third generation in 2007, and while minor changes were made every year to keep it current, underneath it's still that same ten-year-old platform.

The 2018 Expedition marks the start of the model's fourth generation, with some major new updates.

Taking after the Ford F-150, the upcoming 2018 Expedition will feature an aluminum body, saving weight even as it gains a longer wheelbase. It will also share the F-150's turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 engine, producing astounding torque and improved...

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Planning for a Safe Road Trip

The time to plan for that road trip is today while your car is still safely parked in the driveway. before you start your journey, consider the following road trip safety tips.
  • Bring along a small emergency box with some road flares, duct tape, jumper cables, and plenty of tools to make repairs.
  • Check to see if the spare tire has enough air, and pack along some cans of tire inflator in case of multiple flat tires.
  • Take along a gallon of engine coolant in case the car overheats.
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Is There A Car Battery In The House?

From time to time your car battery will kick the bucket. In other words, your car battery will die. After a brief funeral service, it will be buried in the nearest scrap yard. It will join all of the other deceased car batteries. Yet, you should not wait before your car battery death until you replace it. In fact, your car battery should be replaced as soon as it gives the slightest indication of it being worn out. The moral of the story is to replace your car battery! The last thing you want to do is take a road…
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Why is tire rotation important?

Tire rotation is important for many reasons, not only for your safety but for the health of your car. It gives each tire the opportunity to wear in a level manner on each tire. This will help the tire from becoming bald or wore down in one specific spot on the tire and prevent accidents. Lack of rotating your tires can also negatively affect your gas mileage as well. If the car has to pull in any direction due to the wear on the tire you are less likely to get the same same gas mileage. This makes the car…
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Driving safely with kids

Kids are life's precious cargo and need to be protected while you are driving. They can also be a distraction when driving and lead to unsafe driving conditions. Driving with children can be challenging but the following can make it easier.

- bring toys and distractions for your kids so they focus on those things and don't distract you
- travel with another adult on long trips who can handle the kids while you handle the driving
- learn to understand that the road is more important to pay attention to them the children when driving and tune out their complaints…
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2017 Ford Escape

Do you want to invest in a new vehicle? If so, the 2017 Ford Escape is for you. This is a vehicle that looks great on the road. The interior of the 2017 Ford Escape has been upgraded, and you will love how it flows with the rest of the features in the car. All of this contributes to make the 2017 Ford Escape a great deal for you. Not only that, but you will absolutely love how fast this car can go. There are a lot of great cars in our portfolio, but this is one of the best…
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Conquer The Road in The 2017 Ford Edge: It’s Worth It

Sport utility vehicles provide a unique service to motorists. These vehicles are extremely versatile and provide a number of services to their owners. The 2017 Ford Edge is designed to give its drivers the exact experience they expect from such a high-quality automobile. The new Ford Edge is equipped with the latest features to give it a luxury feel. It has tremendous power that translates to different terrains. The Ford Edge handles itself well on open highways and rugged off roads. There is plenty of space offered on the inside to store equipment...

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When Getting a New Car, Consider the Ford Fusion

There are a number of cars on the market that offer a number of benefits to consumers. One of the very best cars you can get in the midsize sedan class is the all new Ford Fusion. This vehicle provides a number of features and benefits that will satisfy many consumers. With the Fusion, you will be getting a car that is very family friendly. You can have up to four passengers in the car. The passengers will be riding in a car that is also quite spacious as well. Therefore, the Fusion is one of the best cars when…

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