Incorrect Car Tire Pressure Really Matters

If you get a notification from the tire pressure indicator in your vehicle, take these warnings very seriously. Here are a few things that could be happening if you are driving with tires that do not have the recommended tire pressure.

If the tire pressure is too high, the tires are not riding on their tread correctly. When this happens, the tires tend to ride on the middle of the tread, wearing away the center faster and making it more challenging to handle the car at higher speeds or slip surfaces because less tire is on the road. Low pressure in car tires is another issue because now too much tread is on the road and causing increased friction. The treads not only wear faster, handling is a real issue the longer this condition was to persist.

Bringing the car to the Sam Leman Automotive Group auto service shop near you for a scheduled tire rotation can eliminate many of these concerns.

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