Extend Your Tire Life with a Suspension Adjustment

If you are like most drivers, you appreciate the feel and handling of a new set of tires. However, if your new tires are attached to older or damaged suspension system parts, they could be wearing out faster than they should. Fortunately, if you have regular suspension system checks, you can keep this from happening to your new tires. At Sam Leman Automotive Group, our trained suspension system technicians can give your vehicle thorough inspections, including:

  • Tire Wear Patterns: The way your tires wear says a lot about possible issues, and our repair personnel take into account feathering, cupping, and other common tire-wear maladies.
  • Caster, Camber, and Toe: Unbalanced and misaligned tires are classic causes of tire damage.

If your new tires are taking a beating, let us help you get them back into shape. Come by one of our Illinois locations today for a quick tire-wear consultation.

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