What is a CVT Transmission?

CVT Transmission

If you have been car shopping in the Bloomington area, you may have noticed that some vehicles are equipped with a CVT. What is a CVT transmission? Sam Leman Automotive Group is here to explain the basics and how this type of transmission varies from a manual or automatic option.

What is CVT?

“CVT” is actually an acronym for continuously variable transmission. You may have heard a CVT referred to as a shiftless transmission, a step-less transmission, or a pulley transmission.  If the vehicle you desire comes with a CVT, you may be hesitant to purchase the vehicle if you are unsure of how a CVT works. What is a CVT? Essentially, a CVT is a type of automatic transmission. Instead of fixed-gear ratios, it is designed with infinitely variable ratios, two pulleys, and an interceding chain or belt. In most cases, you will find a CVT in compact, fuel-efficient vehicles. Performance cars typically are not outfitted with this type of transmission. Drivers looking for a more efficient way to get around the Peoria area should highly consider a vehicle with a CVT.

How Does a CVT Work?

Regular transmissions power vehicles using a series of different gears. Continuously variable transmissions do not feature those same high and low gears. Instead, they have cone-shaped pulleys that are connected by an intervening belt or chain.  The fixed side remains still, and depending on your speed, the other side moves thanks to a hydraulic cylinder. The cylinder alters the distance between the two sides of the pulley, which allows the belt to move higher or lower based on your driving speed. You do not need to use a shift knob or shift paddles.

Advantages of a CVT

Most drivers opt for a CVT because of its efficient performance. CVTs do not have to switch between gears, so the engine is able to operate within an optimal power range. This prevents the engine from needlessly wasting fuel. What’s more? A CVT has a simpler design and therefore fewer parts that can fail. Usually, it costs less to repair a CVT because of this.

Find a Vehicle with a CVT Today

If you are looking to save money on fuel, we highly recommend a vehicle with a continuously variable transmission. Explore your options online, then visit Sam Leman Automotive Group today to set up a test drive. Contact us for more information if you have any questions, and be sure to take a look at our new vehicle specials