What are Chain-Driven Transfer Cases?

April 17th, 2018 by

In snowy, icy, or hilly areas, it can be hard for 2-wheel drive vehicles to get around, even when you’ve shifted into low gear. At times like these, it can be of vital importance to have access to 4-wheel drive power. As it so happens, some cars offer drivers both options, and these cars often have transfer cases attached to their regular transmissions.


Transfer cases are durable devices that mount near or in regular transmission casings. When engaged, these devices are capable of using engine torque to send power to each tire. Transfer cases must engage with regular transmission gears in order to do their jobs, and they often accomplish this with chain-drives. In contrast to gear-driven transfer cases, chain-drives use motorcycle-like chains to engage with transmission gears. These systems can be durable and effective, but they require periodic maintenance.

Here at the Sam Leman Automotive Group, we can offer you the services or our certified powertrain experts. Our technicians have experience with gear-driven transfer cases and are happy to apply this knowledge to your case. To have a quick, no-obligation conversation about your automotive service needs, swing by our location today.

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