Make Your Driveway Easier to Navigate With 3 Ingredients

December 28th, 2017 by

When the temperatures start dropping and the snow accumulates, roads and driveways get slippery as snow gets packed in and temperatures rise and fall. But you don’t have to be caught unprepared for these situations because your driveway and walkway can have either salt, sand or kitty litter poured on them to make sure they’re not too slippery.


Why Sand Is Usually Better Than Salt And Kitty Litter

Sand is probably the best option to put on your driveway because it’s the cheapest and also the least harmful while being pretty reliable for traction. Salt can melt ice and it will provide a lot of grip, but it’s also the most expensive, usually quick to sell out in stores and also can corrode vehicles and harm soil and vegetation.

Kitty litter is good to use if you need to get your wheels unstuck and you can haul it in your trunk. It’s not good to dump all over your driveway because it can absorb water, make your driveway more slippery and also cause awful smells.

How We’ll Keep Your Car Running

In addition to keeping your driveway well-maintained, you should also try and keep your vehicle maintained for winter. That’s why at Sam Leman Automotive Group can look at your vehicle and make sure it’s given the necessary maintenance for the winter season. You can call us to make an appointment and visit our Bloomington, Morton, Pekin, or Peoria, IL locations at your earliest convenience.

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