Are Spring Tune-Ups Necessary?


Sometimes, the winters in the area can be brutal, so it’s important to ensure your vehicle is in optimal condition after a grueling winter. We believe that spring tune-ups are necessary if you want your vehicle to perform as intended for many years to come.

Whether you’re spring cleaning your car or performing the necessary maintenance with our various service centers, spring tune-ups are a great way to make sure your vehicle doesn’t let you down. Discover how to tune your car and signs your car needs a tune-up today with the professionals at Sam Leman Automotive Group!

Signs Your Car Needs a Tune-Up

Even if you follow your vehicle’s maintenance schedule, it’s still a good idea to perform a spring tune-up on your ride. Driving around in the winter likely means you’ve encountered some snow or ice. That extra snow or ice can cause your vehicle to work overtime to ensure that you and your passengers are safe.

Not to mention snow and ice typically mean that your interior will get wet and messy as well. While your vehicle has likely been built to handle these conditions, staying on top of spring tune-ups is a great way to ensure that it continues to run smoothly. Here are some signs your car needs a tune-up for the spring:

  • Sluggish acceleration
  • Squeaky brakes
  • Salt-stained interior
  • Low traction on regular road conditions
  • Slow engine starts

How to Tune Your Car for Spring

Getting your vehicle ready for the spring will not only make you feel proud about driving around in a fresh new ride, but you’ll also have added peace of mind as well. When you visit one of our various locations for a spring tune-up, we’ll ensure that your vehicle is in excellent condition to tackle your adventures. With that being said, you can also perform some simple steps to get your vehicle ready for the new season. Here’s how to tune your car for spring:

  • Get a Car Wash: Spring cleaning your car is an important step to getting your ride ready for spring. Not only will it make your vehicle look better, but it’ll also get rid of all the salt that has accumulated on your vehicle. When you spring clean your car, don’t forget to get that interior detailed as well to remove some of those salt stains that can accumulate on your carpets.
  • Inspect Tires: As outside temperatures changes, the air in your tires may also differ. You’ll want to make sure that your vehicle’s tires have the correct amount of air and enough traction for all the wet roads you may encounter in the spring season.
  • Replace Wiper Blades & Add Fluid: Extreme temperatures can damage and wear down your windshield wiper blades, so you’ll want to replace them for the new season. Additionally, you may need to add more windshield wiper fluid after using it all winter to clear your windshield.
  • Examine Your Battery: Cold vehicle starts are one of the toughest conditions for your vehicle’s battery. After an especially cold winter, you’ll want to have your battery inspected to ensure that it can still function properly for your Bloomington, Morton, Peoria adventures.
  • Get an Oil Change: Oil is vital to ensuring that your vehicle’s engine is well lubricated. We recommend you schedule an oil change as soon as possible after a grueling winter season.

Schedule a Spring Tune-Up Today With Sam Leman Automotive Group!

Let us help you get your vehicle ready for spring today! To get started, you’re more than welcome to stop by at one of our locations. You can also reach out to us online for additional assistance.

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